Abrasive Recovery Machine
Abrasive Recovery Machine
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About This Project

Abrasive Recovery Machine


ENDUSTRI-GM equipment offers the right solution to recovering and conveying of blast medias, powders, plastic pellets, grains, sands, aggregates and other bulk metarials in both cleanup and material transfer functions. The main type of industry using our equipments are blast cleaning companies, shipyards, tank cleaning companies, metallurgical plants and steel mills, foundries, power plants, cement industries, chemical industries etc. The dust in the air is collected by Vacuum Cleaner, the grit in the Stock Silo by its seperator.

Especially in inaccesable or enclosed areas such as storage tanks, box girder constructions, tank internals at shipyards etc., the equipment offers great savings in time and manpower.

An ENDUSTRI-GM Vacuum system cuts costs by reducing cleanup time and reclaiming valuable materials. This versatile vacuum system can be used to pick up any material that will fow through a hose. With its long reach and powerful suction, EGM cleans out tanks, pipes.

There are 2 types of stock silos, Cylindirical and Square having 2 foors.

Abrasive Recovery Machine, Abrasive Recovery Tower
Abrasive Recovery Machine, Abrasive Recovery Tower, Sandblasting Facilities, Sandblasting Machine