Sandblasting Machine
Sandblasting Machine
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About This Project


The reliability and economic value of the blast machines from ENDÜSTRi-GM are well known in the surface cleaning business.

The ENDÜSTRİ-GM Blast Machines are available in 6 standard sizes: 25, 50,100, 200, 300, 500 litres. Other sizes are available such as bulk blast units, mobile or on skid and units with multiple blast hose connections.

The extensive experience and expertise of ENDÜSTRİ-GM assures an excellent product with a long life.

An ENDÜSTRİ-GM Blast machine is availble in 3 different versions: without piping, with piping and with piping and remote control.


Bıg Blast Bulk

Designed with 4-outlets for using by 4 Operators at the same time and Suitable for using at Big facilities,for instance, shipyards, Oil Mills etc. Available Capacity is 5400 Lt.- 6750 Lt. and Grit Carrying Capacity is 10-12 tons, thus continious.

Blasting. Easily Carrying by the crane and Small Space Occupancy with vertical Design. Available in 2 models: -Manual Cotroll – Remote (Pneumatic) Controll


Bıg Sandblastıng Machıne

The ALPHA 1 is the first blasting robot that does not need to be programmed.

It builds its own blasting plan by scanning its surroundings using an onboard 3D camera.




The ALPHA 1 brings with it exceptional value in three areas.

You are able to remove the operator from the blast environment.

This significantly reduces workers exposure to hazards like toxic dust, noise, and repetitive motion injuries inherent in the blasting process.

You will use less labor to do more work. A single operator can supervise the use of multiple blasting robots that can be run 24/7.

The accuracy, speed and control of the blast nozzle cannot be matched by even the most experienced blasters.

With this new technology comes the opportunity for incredible competitive advantage: job site safety and project efficiency. Applications with the greatest potential ROI include bridges, confined spaces, tanks, shipyards, and blast rooms. For more information please contact us.


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